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Are There Any Meal Kits That Accept EBT?

Written by: Dane Groves
Last updated: November 2, 2023

Over the past decade, meal kit delivery services have transformed how many households approach dinner time, offering curated recipes with the necessary ingredients delivered right to their doors.

In 2020 alone, the U.S. meal kit market was estimated to be worth over $4.65 billion, highlighting its increasing acceptance among consumers. Yet, as its popularity has grown, a pertinent question emerges: Can individuals and families relying on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) — which provided aid to over 40 million Americans in 2019 — also benefit from these services?

Are meal kit delivery options compatible with Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards, the primary method for distributing SNAP funds? In this article, we'll delve into the relationship between meal kits and EBT, exploring the available options for those on SNAP benefits.

Understanding EBT

EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) is a U.S. government program enabling eligible individuals to use benefits for food purchases, primarily through SNAP, called food stamps. EBT, functioning like a debit card, replaces traditional paper coupons, allowing recipients to buy various food products at approved retailers. Unlike cash, EBT cards can't buy non-food items or alcohol. Recently, there's been interest in accepting EBT for meal kits.

Some providers, like Blue Apron, accept EBT. A 2019 federal pilot program let SNAP recipients in certain states, like North Carolina, use EBT for online grocery shopping, encompassing meal kits. Availability varies by location and program specifics, but the push to expand EBT payment for meal kits is ongoing, offering SNAP recipients more nutritious options.

What are Meal Kits?

Meal kits, rising in popularity, provide a convenient method for individuals and families to enjoy restaurant-quality meals at home. These subscription services deliver pre-packaged ingredients and recipes to your doorstep. Designed for those lacking time or expertise for meal planning, they simplify the process, ensuring a variety of fresh, tasty meals.

These kits contain precisely measured ingredients, cutting down on food waste. After subscribing, customers select weekly meals from diverse menus, catering to various dietary needs like vegetarian or gluten-free. The delivered kits come with easy-to-follow recipes, making cooking accessible for beginners.

Beyond convenience, they also introduce subscribers to new cuisines, expanding their culinary horizons. In essence, meal kits offer an innovative, waste-reducing approach to home-cooked meals, merging convenience with culinary exploration.

Overview of Meal Kit Delivery Services That Accept EBT

Meal kit delivery services offer a convenient way to enjoy home-cooked meals without grocery shopping and meal planning. For SNAP beneficiaries (using EBT cards), these services seemed inaccessible.

Now, some services, like Amazon Fresh, accept EBT, allowing SNAP users to purchase eligible groceries, including meal kits. Blue Apron also participates in a federal pilot program, accepting EBT payments. Some states, like North Carolina and Rhode Island, have pilot initiatives allowing specific zip codes to use EBT for meal kits.

While not all meal kit services accept EBT and delivery fees might apply, these changes are steps toward ensuring all have access to nutritious meals. Amazon Fresh's EBT inclusion broadens food choices for SNAP recipients, aligning with SNAP's goal to provide healthy foods for everyone, bridging affordability with healthy eating.

5 Best Meal Kit Providers Accepting EBT in the US

By prioritizing financial inclusivity, meal kits can be more easily navigated. Here, we spotlight the top five meal kit providers in the US that not only offer culinary excellence but also accept EBT, ensuring quality nutrition is accessible to a broader spectrum of households. Dive in to discover your ideal fit.

1. Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh's meal kit delivery service notably includes SNAP beneficiaries in its customer base. Recognizing the significance of this demographic, the platform enables EBT card use for purchasing eligible groceries and meal kits.

This allows SNAP recipients broader access to fresh ingredients and diverse recipes. By offering pre-portioned ingredients and step-by-step recipes, Amazon Fresh delivers both convenience and nutrition directly to customers.

The collaboration between Amazon Fresh and SNAP promotes healthier eating choices, even for those with limited means or access to fresh food. Despite potential delivery fees, the EBT payment option broadens the horizons for SNAP participants, affirming Amazon Fresh's commitment to making nutritious meals accessible to all.

2. Hungry Harvest

Hungry Harvest emphasizes universal access to healthy foods, donating weekly to charities. Recognizing gaps, notably among students and others in food insecurity, they introduced "Produce in a SNAP," enabling SNAP beneficiaries to buy discounted produce with their EBT cards.

Beyond providing healthier food choices, this initiative addresses the rise in food insecurity, exacerbated post-COVID-19. Hungry Harvest's dedication to combatting hunger and enhancing nutrition significantly reduces nationwide food insecurity.

3. Blue Apron

Blue Apron, a renowned meal delivery service, accepts EBT, making it accessible for SNAP beneficiaries. Offering diverse recipes and accommodating various dietary preferences, from vegetarian to specific allergies, Blue Apron ensures inclusive meal enjoyment.

The service provides pre-portioned ingredients with detailed recipes, emphasizing fresh ingredients from local sources. SNAP recipients can easily use EBT for payment, and Blue Apron also extends special discounts for them.

By partnering with SNAP, Blue Apron enhances food accessibility for low-income groups, promoting healthier eating and home cooking. Their commitment underscores a dedication to inclusivity, healthy choices, and supporting those in need.

4. FreshDirect

FreshDirect accepts EBT, catering to SNAP recipients with its diverse, nutritious meal kits. Renowned for fresh, quality groceries, it emphasizes local and sustainable sourcing, resonating with environmentally-conscious consumers.

FreshDirect's meal kits, tailored to various dietary needs, include pre-measured ingredients and simple recipes. Using EBT on their platform is easy, and they often offer SNAP discounts, maximizing benefits for recipients.

Although EBT acceptance for meal kits is region-specific, FreshDirect's broader grocery service accepts EBT everywhere it operate. Their dedication to fresh, sustainable choices and convenient EBT use makes them an optimal choice for SNAP beneficiaries.

5. Organics to You

Organics to You offers produce delivery service to SNAP beneficiaries in Portland. You can purchase delicious and healthy food using your EBT card and deliver it to your home.

It's a no-fuss and convenient service that lets you customize your order and choose how often you want to receive it without signing up for a subscription service. Plus, it offers free delivery to clients located in the greater Portland and Vancouver areas.

Pros and Cons of Using Meal Kit Delivery Services with EBT

Using EBT benefits to purchase meal kit delivery services can offer numerous advantages for SNAP recipients. However, it's important to consider both the pros and cons before deciding. Here are some key points to consider:


  • Convenience: Meal kit services with EBT streamline meal planning and shopping, ideal for those with time, mobility, or transportation limitations.

  • Variety and Dietary Options: Catering to various dietary preferences, these services offer options from vegetarian to gluten-free, enabling SNAP beneficiaries to relish diverse, nutritious meals.

  • Fresh and High-Quality Ingredients: Prioritizing top-notch ingredients, meal kits ensure premium freshness. Through EBT, SNAP users can afford these quality ingredients.

  • Budget Stretching: Portioned ingredients in meal kits minimize waste. Some services further benefit SNAP users with special discounts, maximizing value for money.


  • Limitations on Options: Meal kits offer varied choices but may not match grocery store diversity, potentially not meeting certain dietary requirements.

  • Delivery Fees: These services often have delivery charges. Some offer SNAP users reduced fees, so it's crucial to find the most economical choice.

  • Availability: Not every meal kit service accepts EBT. It's vital to ensure your chosen service does. Furthermore, EBT-accepting services might be restricted to specific regions due to federal pilot programs.

  • Lack of Flexibility: Many services necessitate subscriptions, committing users to set meals, which might not align with everyone's preferences or schedules.

Using EBT benefits to purchase meal kit delivery services can offer convenience, variety, and access to fresh ingredients for SNAP recipients. However, limitations on options, delivery fees, and availability should be considered before making a decision. It's important to research and compare different meal kit delivery services to find the best fit for your dietary needs, budget, and location.

Maximizing SNAP Benefits and the EBT-Compatible Meal Kits

Meal kits take the guesswork out of grocery shopping, allowing you to plan your meals and allocate your EBT funds more efficiently. By receiving exactly what you need for each recipe, you can avoid buying excess ingredients that may go unused and end up wasted. This can help you make the most out of your food budget and save money in the long run.

In addition, some meal kit delivery services offer special discounts or promotions specifically for SNAP recipients, making their services even more affordable. These discounts can further reduce the financial burden and make nutritious meal options accessible to all.

Using meal kit delivery services with EBT offers numerous benefits. From the convenience and variety of options to using fresh ingredients and budget stretching, meal kits can be a game-changer for individuals and families with SNAP benefits. Explore the different services available and find one that suits your needs and preferences, bringing a world of delicious and nutritious meals to your doorstep.

Tips for Seniors Interested in EBT

  • Eligibility Criteria: It's essential for seniors to understand that age itself doesn't qualify one for EBT. Factors like income, household size, and expenses play a role. Some states, however, offer more lenient guidelines for seniors, so always check your state-specific requirements.

  • Medical Deductions: Many seniors may not be aware that certain medical expenses can be deducted from their income when determining SNAP eligibility. These can include prescription medications, medical supplies, and some service fees.

  • Simplified Reporting: Some states offer simplified reporting for seniors, meaning they might only have to report changes in their circumstances once every 12 or 24 months, unlike other recipients who might need to report more frequently.

  • Senior Nutrition Assistance Programs: Several areas have specific nutrition assistance programs for seniors. While these are separate from SNAP, they can offer additional or complementary benefits. It's worthwhile to explore both options.

  • Assistance with Application: For seniors who might find the application process daunting, many local non-profits and community organizations help fill out the SNAP application. Leveraging this assistance can simplify the process considerably.

  • Online Purchasing: Especially relevant in today's digital age, seniors should be aware that some online grocery stores accept EBT. This can be a boon for those with mobility issues or who prefer home deliveries.

  • Re-certification Reminders: Eligibility for SNAP isn't indefinite. Seniors should set reminders for re-certification deadlines to ensure continuous benefits.

EBT can be a valuable resource for seniors, but it's crucial to be informed and proactive. By understanding specific rights, benefits, and available resources, seniors can better navigate the SNAP program and ensure they maximize the benefits available to them.


1. What is "Produce in a SNAP"?

It's a program by Hungry Harvest that offers discounted produce to SNAP beneficiaries using their EBT cards.

2. Who benefits from Hungry Harvest's weekly donations?

Various charities and organizations receive produce donations from Hungry Harvest every week.

3. How does "Produce in a SNAP" address food insecurity?

It provides an affordable avenue for individuals, especially students, to access nutritious foods.

4. Has the demand for such programs increased post-COVID-19?

Yes, food insecurity has risen significantly, with an estimated 50% more Americans affected than pre-COVID times.

5. Can only SNAP beneficiaries avail of the "Produce in a SNAP" program?

The program is primarily designed for SNAP beneficiaries, but Hungry Harvest may have other initiatives to support wider communities.


In the evolving landscape of meal kit services, some platforms now cater to a wider demographic by accepting EBT as a payment method. This inclusivity acknowledges the diverse economic backgrounds of potential users, ensuring that nutritious meal options are accessible to many, regardless of financial standing. It's a progressive step towards universal access to quality food choices.

Learn how to find EBT restaurants near your location from our blogs at Gov Relations.

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