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Churches That Help With Car Repairs Near Me

Written by: Jody Adams
Last updated: January 31, 2024

Having a car in this modern age is no longer a luxury. Rather, it is a necessity without which you cannot be expected to keep up with your job and other responsibilities. If you do not take care of your car and are negligent about its maintenance, your car-related expenses might get out of hand and lead to even more complex issues. 

Car repairs are costly, and besides fuel, they are among the biggest financial burdens associated with keeping a car. This is especially true in the case of families with moderate or low incomes. However, for such people, many charities and churches help with car repairs near me. 

They do so with the help of community-based donations that go towards helping the less fortunate. If you are disabled and in dire need of home repairs, check out our article on the top five home repair grants for disabled individuals.

Top Churches That Help With Car Repairs

Top Churches That Help With Car Repairs

Almost every city offers emergency car repair assistance. Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time, whether single parents, veterans, college students, or seniors. 

Several non-profits, charities, and churches in your state can help you with car repairs and services if you do not have money. If you urgently need auto repairs, you can get them for free or at a discount from the following churches.

United Methodist Church

It has always been the mission of the United Methodist Church to assist those in need. The church not only helps people across the country but also around the world. As a result of their services, people are provided with assistance.

Examples are food assistance, shelter programs, utility bill assistance, etc. Increasing vehicle maintenance costs are preventing many people from repairing their cars. As most cars are used for work, breakdowns can cause many problems. For those in urgent need of car repairs, the United Methodist Church started car repair assistance.

St. Vincent de Paul

Many global and religious organizations are part of St. Vincent de Paul. In 140 different countries, they serve more than 8 lakh members. Because they are more genuinely concerned about the poor, they have always assisted with various programs. 

Their primary focus is to provide the poor with food, shelter, and other necessities. Their services include car repair assistance. St. Vincent De Paul assists low-income individuals who can't repair their vehicles independently. To accomplish this task, they collaborate with the local mechanics.

Catholic Charities

From the day it was founded in 1910, Catholic Charities has assisted those who live in poverty. Their mission is to eradicate poverty in the United States by providing a wide range of assistance services. 

The extensive network of these organizations makes it easy to reach them throughout the country. 

In addition to helping people with financial difficulties, car repair services are also available. Submit your appeal with appropriate documents to your local Catholic Charities if you need car repair assistance.

Helping Hand Ministry

The Helping Hand Ministry is a charitable organization that operates in the United States and globally. Assisting the poor and the needy is one of their responsibilities. The organization has donated $2.7 billion to vulnerable communities and families since its founding in 2017. 

The money raised through donations is used to help the less fortunate with various services, including educational, disaster relief, financial, and medical assistance. In exchange for an explanation for being unable to pay and documentation of a low income, they will also help with car repairs.

Salvation Army

There is no other American organization that people trust more than the Salvation Army. The purpose of this non-profit organization is to improve the lives of people. When people face tough times, they look to the Salvation Army as their savior. 

Their services have been beneficial to thousands of individuals worldwide. The Car Repair Assistance program also provides free or low-cost car repair for low-income families and individuals who qualify for assistance. If you are interested in applying, you should contact your nearest Salvation Army branch.

Carpenter's Garage

Carpenter's Garage is another non-profit that assists charities and low-income individuals with auto repairs. These organizations offer services like auto repair to people with limited resources. 

Compared to typical expenses, their services are affordable and available to those needing financial assistance. Over $4.5 million has been donated by Carpenter's Garage to the community through scholarships and discounted labor services.

Brevard County

Brevard County has launched several programs to assist low-income families and individuals. Federal funds are provided to the county, and they donate the money to good causes. 

Individuals, families, and small businesses can benefit from the wide range of services they offer. After verifying the applicant's information, they also offer car repair assistance to low-income families.

Voluntary Vehicle Repair Program

The residents of Arizona can benefit from the free car repair services offered through the Voluntary Vehicle Repair Program (VVRP). This program supports auto repairs that involve emissions. When a vehicle fails an emissions test, the VVRP pays some of the costs of repairs. 

Their eligibility requirements must be met before they can process an application. You can find out if you are eligible by visiting their website. If you are selected for car repair assistance, you will need to pay $100, and the VVRP will match this amount with $900 in assistance.

Car Ministry Program

Pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and other Christian workers, as well as the poor and the needy, benefit from the Car Ministry. They are a local Christian organization that helps widows, single mothers, and others with their car repair need through financial assistance. 

Dedicated volunteers provide auto repair assistance to the poor. Their services are available almost every day of the week, excluding major holidays. 

Lutheran Services

Lutheran Services in America is a religious non-profit founded in 1997 to assist people in need all over the United States. Financially disadvantaged individuals, such as seniors, single moms, and disabled people, are helped by this organization. 

Further, they provide car repair assistance and can refer you to workshops if they cannot assist. There might be a way for you to get a great discount if the service is not free. 

You can find out more by contacting the nearest branch of Lutheran Services. Check out our comprehensive guide on emergency rent assistance grants for people struggling to pay their rent.

Car Repair Assistance Eligibility

Not all churches have the funds to help all the low-income applicants who need their assistance. Since their funding comes from donations from various non-profit organizations, volunteers, and their community, churches can serve only a limited number of free car repair applicants.

You must fulfill the following eligibility criteria to qualify for free car repairs. 

  • You must be the owner of the car.
  • You must be 18 years old or older to apply.
  • Applicants must be US or Canadian residents. 
  • The bank account you have should be active.
  • Checking your email for application updates requires regular internet access.
  • To be eligible for car repair assistance, you must meet the income requirements for the respective program.

Alternative Ways To Get Your Car Repaired

Whether you have saved up the money for car repairs or not, there are several ways to get your car repaired, regardless of your financial situation. Investing in repairs can be expensive. 

You should find ways to save money on your car repairs. Make sure you get a second opinion from another repair shop after you receive your first quote from your mechanic. You can find a better deal somewhere else. 

If the mechanic has any specials, you can negotiate a lower price. If you have no option to pay the repair charges, the following are the different ways to get your car repaired.

  • You can take out a personal loan from a private lender. You may pay some of the car repair charges to the mechanic on the spot and request a deferred payment plan from your mechanic for the outstanding balance.
  • Sometimes, mechanics have an arrangement with their preferred lenders that offer interest-free loans for car repairs for a limited time. However, a predetermined interest rate comes into effect after a certain time has passed.
  • You can use a credit card to cover your car repair expenses. If you do not have a credit card, learn how to get one.
  • Finally, you can borrow money from your friends or family to pay the mechanic for your car repairs. 

When Do I Need To Get My Car Fixed?

If your car presents no major issues, you should avoid selling it and have it repaired instead. Certain car-related issues can easily be fixed with minor repairs and replacing the faulty parts instead of selling your car and then looking for a new car. 

It is a matter of simple maths when deciding whether you need to get your car repaired or sell it. The following are the indicators that your car needs repairs. 

  • If your car's acceleration is sluggish or irregular, this might be due to poor-quality fuel, dirty air cleaners, or the clogging of your engine's fuel injectors.
  • If your car makes a squealing or screeching sound when you apply the brakes, this may indicate worn-out brake pads or rotors that need to be replaced.
  • If your car is emitting more smoke than usual, this is a sign of excessive fuel intake by the engine, a lack of timely tuning, or worn-down piston rings.
  • Rattling sounds from the car, the source of which is difficult to pinpoint. 
  • You have difficulty starting the car.
  • Excessive vibrations in the car while driving or applying the brakes indicate an issue with the tires or the loosening of the engine restraints under the car's hood. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Car repairs are something that every car owner needs to deal with from time to time. The following are the frequently asked questions we come across in this regard. 

Who can help me with car repairs?

If you need help with your car, you should consult your dealership's certified technicians to ensure that you get experienced professionals with significant training in car repairs. If you need access to certified technicians, any well-known and experienced mechanic can help you with your car repairs.

Can you finance a car repair?

Yes, it is possible to finance your car repairs. A personal loan may be a good option if you need an auto repair but can't afford it. Comparison shopping can help you determine whether this is the best route to finance car repairs or if you should consider an alternative, such as a credit card.

Is there a program that helps you get a car?

If you cannot afford a new or a used car, various programs can help you get a gently used car for free or at a discounted price. Programs like Cars4Heroes1-800-Charity Cars, and Vehicles for Change can help you get a car if you are a low-income individual.

Keeping a car is an expensive endeavor that requires you to spend on fuel and occasional maintenance and repair expenses. For low-income individuals or families, car repairs and maintenance often become a burden they cannot bear. At such times, they often turn to their local churches that help with car repairs near me. At such times, they often turn to their local churches that help with car repairs near me, offering support that can include free gas vouchers to alleviate some of the financial strain.

For more information about the various government and private programs that can assist you with your financial situation, check out the rest of the Gov-Relations resources. If you are struggling financially, read our blog post about the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.

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