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Finding Dental Insurance For Veterans

Written by: Jody Adams
Last updated: January 31, 2024

In the fiscal year 2022, over 600,000 veterans received dental care, while another 300,000 who enrolled in the program did not. Consider enrolling in individual dental insurance if you do not qualify for Veterans Affairs dental coverage. 

After leaving the military, you and your family may find it challenging to determine your dental insurance options. This blog covers some of the best dental insurance for veterans.

Dental Insurance For Veterans 

Each program, provider, and plan offers varying dental coverage options. These options are available to veterans through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). However, if you don’t qualify for them, there are numerous options for individual and private insurance. Take a look at the types of dental plans available to you and your options. Veterans go through a lot and need access to the best healthcare options. Check out your options and how you can choose the best provider for your needs.

Humana Veteran Dental Discounts

In addition to discounts on prescription drugs, the Humana Bright Plus for Veterans dental plan is available to veterans and their immediate families. It is designed for people who want to keep their teeth healthy through regular cleanings and exams. After receiving your member ID card, you can begin using your coverage.

Plan Benefits

Through their network, members can choose from over 335,000 dentists and specialists. When you choose an in-network provider, preventive services are not subject to deductibles, and 60% of basic services are covered. Aside from pain relief, Humana Bright Plus also provides coverage for root canals, extractions, and extraction remedies.

Veterans Affairs Dental Insurance Program (VADIP)

A VA dental insurance discount program called VADIP is available to veterans receiving VA healthcare. Veterans and their dependents who meet certain criteria can qualify for discounted private dental insurance. In contrast to VA dental care, VADIP enrollment is voluntary, and copays and premiums are the responsibility of the applicants. 

Plan Benefits

Many dental procedures are covered by VADIP plans. Among them are:

  • Preventive dental care
  • Diagnostic services
  • Dental surgery
  • Emergency dental care
  • Root canals and restorative services

Your insurance company and plan will determine the cost of your coverage.

Those enrolled in the Civilian Health and Medical Program (CHAMPVA) as spouses or dependent children of veterans may also qualify. Certain requirements must be met to qualify for this option.

To avail of a VADIP plan, you can enroll online by choosing either:

  • A MetLife plan 
  • A Delta Dental plan

TRICARE Dental Program (TDP)

TDP is a voluntary dental plan which sponsors can enroll in via the Beneficiary Web Enrollment website. Depending on your military status, you may be able to receive dental care.

Plan Benefits

Your dental coverage is based on whether you are; an active duty service member, guard/reserve member, active duty family member, guard/reserve family member, retired service member and family, or survivor. 

You can enroll if you are:

  • an active duty service member's family member
  • a family member of a member of the National Guard or
  • a member of the National Guard/Reserve who is not covered by the Transitional Assistance Management Program and isn’t on active duty
  • an active duty service member for more than 30 days or who is covered by TAMP

MetLife Dental

With the MetLife VADIP plan, 50% of orthodontic care is covered, which can be especially helpful if you are on a tight budget. Basic plans without orthodontic coverage are also available.

There is a wide network of MetLife providers, but you can also receive healthcare outside the network if you prefer. However, in-network doctors are covered more under the plan. Managing your plan is also easy with MetLife. You can check your benefits and ID cards online.

Plan Benefits

You have two options for MetLife's Veterans Affairs Dental Insurance Program: standard and high premiums. Both plans offer savings on dental care for veterans and their families. Major procedures are not subject to waiting periods, and dentists within the network provide discounts.

Delta Dental

Delta Dental is an approved VADIP dental provider. Through the DLN's Lifeline Heroes Challenge, Delta Dental companies help veterans who need comprehensive dental care. 

More than 85 million Americans are covered by it, with approximately 154,000 dentists in their network. However, you can get dental care outside of the network. Three different plans are available to veterans, each with varying coverage levels and annual maximums.

Plan Benefits

It offers access to a network of dentists who accept reduced fees for covered services, giving you the lowest out-of-pocket costs with its PPO, Dental HMO, managed, and discount dental plans for various affordable dental coverage options. The services covered can range from basic and preventive care to more comprehensive coverage.

Guardian Direct

Guardian Direct® offers a variety of private dental insurance plans that can cover you and your family on any budget. Depending on the state and the type of plan selected, costs, deductibles, and waiting periods will differ. As soon as you enroll, you will begin receiving coverage on the first day of the following month.

Plan Benefits

The majority of dental services are covered without a waiting period. The plan covers preventive care, basic dental procedures, and other procedures such as orthodontics, implants, and dentures.

Aetna Dental PPO Plan

Preventative care is covered 100% by Aetna Dental Direct with no out-of-pocket expenses. You do not have to have Aetna medical coverage to purchase this. 

Plan Benefits

Advantages differ depending on the plan and state. There is no deductible on the dental plan, and it offers worldwide dental coverage. You may choose any licensed dentist worldwide, whether in or out of the network. The plan also covers orthodontics for all ages.

Families of retired uniformed service members are eligible. Visit for more details on eligibility and FEDVIP.

Frequently Asked Questions

There can be a lot of confusion regarding insurance, especially for military personnel. Finding the right insurance that suits our unique circumstances can be challenging. Here you can get answers to your dental insurance questions regarding coverage, eligibility, enrollment, and payment.

How does dental insurance for veterans work?

The VA provides free dental care to veterans with 100% VA or TDIU ratings. A 100% temporary rating is excluded. You can receive free dental care through the VA if your dental condition has a VA rating of at least 10%. Veterans can benefit from private insurance if they don’t qualify for VA dental coverage.

How does dental insurance for veterans compare to other dental insurance plans?

The veteran dental insurance program offers discounted dental insurance coverage to veterans and their dependents.

Does Aspen Dental give veterans a discount?

Aspen provides a complete range of dental care services for veterans that address their short-term and long-term needs. Every year, nearly 500 of its dental offices offer free dental care in conjunction with its Day of Service.

Dental Insurance For Veterans In A Nutshell

Dental health is vital for everyone, as poor oral health can result in several serious diseases, including cardiovascular disease and pneumonia. While the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provides dental insurance for veterans, most do not qualify. Those who don’t qualify for VA can take advantage of the various private insurance plans for veterans.

Often, being in the military can save quite a bit of money on everything from dental insurance for disabled to housing assistance for disabled veterans.

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