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Does DoorDash Take EBT?

Written by: Jody Adams
Last updated: January 31, 2024

DoorDash has become a popular food delivery platform, connecting users with their favorite local and chain restaurants. As more people rely on these services for their daily meals, it's essential to understand the payment options available. One question that often arises is “Does DoorDash take EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) as a payment method.” 

In this article, we will thoroughly explore the current relationship between DoorDash and EBT, alternative payment options, and ways to use EBT for food delivery.

EBT And Food Delivery Services: An Overview

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) is a system that allows government benefits recipients to electronically access their Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and other welfare benefits. With the rise of food delivery services, there has been increasing interest in whether these platforms accept EBT as a form of payment.

Does DoorDash Take EBT?

So, does DoorDash take EBT? Safeway grocery stores are the only locations where DoorDash accepts SNAP/EBT benefits, although the company plans to expand. DoorDash primarily accepts credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards as payment methods. This limitation is due to the regulations surrounding the use of EBT for food purchases, as well as the technical infrastructure required to support EBT transactions.

Understanding EBT Restrictions

SNAP benefits, distributed through EBT, are intended to help eligible low-income individuals and families purchase food items for home consumption. As a result, there are specific guidelines and restrictions on what can be purchased using these benefits. Generally, SNAP benefits can only be used to buy staple foods, such as fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, and bread.

Moreover, SNAP benefits cannot be used to pay for service fees, delivery fees, or tips associated with food delivery services. This restriction makes it difficult for platforms like DoorDash to accept EBT as a payment option, as their business model relies on these additional fees.

Alternatives To Using EBT On DoorDash

While DoorDash does not currently accept EBT in all their locations, there are alternative ways for SNAP recipients to use their benefits for food delivery:

  • Shop At Participating Grocery Stores: Many grocery stores now offer delivery services and accept EBT as a payment method. By shopping at these retailers, you can use your EBT benefits while still taking advantage of the convenience of food delivery.
  • Use Ebt At Restaurants That Accept It: Some states have implemented the Restaurant Meals Program (RMP), which allows SNAP recipients to use their benefits at participating restaurants. While this option may not offer the convenience of DoorDash, it can provide access to prepared meals for those who are eligible.
  • Consider Other Payment Methods For DoorDash: If you still want to use DoorDash for food delivery, consider using other available payment methods, such as credit or debit cards, gift cards, or linking your PayPal account.

The Future Of EBT And Food Delivery Services

As the demand for food delivery services continues to grow, there may be changes in the way EBT is utilized for these services. Some states are already exploring pilot programs that enable SNAP recipients to use their benefits for grocery delivery, which could pave the way for broader acceptance of EBT in the food delivery industry.

DoorDash And EBT Possibilities

So, does DoorDash take EBT? At present, DoorDash only accepts EBT payments at their Safeway stores. However, SNAP recipients can explore alternative ways to use their benefits for food delivery, such as shopping at participating grocery stores or utilizing the Restaurant Meals Program where available. As the food delivery industry continues to evolve, there may be opportunities for EBT and similar payment options to become more widely accepted in the future.

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