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Free Tablet For Low-Income Families

Written by: Jody Adams
Last updated: January 31, 2024

Everyone understands that internet access is a necessary utility, especially for low-income individuals trying to leverage education opportunity and job opportunities. It's hard to survive in today's post-pandemic world without the capacity to send emails, apply for jobs, check the news, participate in remote learning, or communicate with friends and family through connected devices. A tablet, one of the critical digital devices, is far more convenient than a phone for many of these daily duties, but it can be prohibitively expensive, posing a barrier to eligible low-income individuals.

Continue reading for more information on how to get low-cost or free desktops and laptops, as well as affordable or free tablets through various government assistance programs and nonprofit organizations that have risen to the occasion, understanding the dire needs of low-income communities.

Computer Technology Assistance Corps

The Computer Technology Assistance Corps (or CTAC) is a donation-based nonprofit that gives low-income families, schools, and faith-based organizations affordable PCs, laptops, and tablets, aiding in technological education for lower-class students and families with students. This organization stands as a beacon of hope, ensuring the bridge of digital divide is narrowed.

Computers With Causes

Computers With Causes is a nonprofit organization that provides donated computer equipment, including tablets, to individuals and families in need around the country. It offers an online application form where needy families can express their needs. Applicants should be ready to provide essential documents like income proof and salary slip to satisfy the eligibility requirements during the application process.

Eligible households can expect a response within thirty days after a brief needs assessment, and a reference and background check have been completed.

These free tablets and computers are primarily intended to assist kids with educational needs and disabled veterans who require internet access, addressing the essential requirements in the current digital age.

The On It Foundation

If you live in Florida and are looking for a computer for your child, you should know about The On It Foundation. It aims to provide access to technology to low-income families with children in K-12 education programs, striving to enhance education opportunity.

Their website is the most convenient way for Florida citizens to apply for the program, having detailed eligibility criteria to guide potential applicants. You can also apply in person at one of the foundation's physical locations.

Computers For Learning

Computers For Learning is a federal government initiated program that aims to provide organizations and schools access to digital equipment, including government tablet program. This means they work with schools rather than individual people, offering a substantial relief for low-income people who can avail these benefits through their institutions, fostering a better education opportunity for many.

This implies they work with schools rather than people. Thus, this isn't a quick fix for a pressing problem. However, if you meet the qualifying conditions and your school(s) or the school(s) with which you or your family are affiliated, the administration may use this organization to provide free tablets to all students.

Computers For Kids 

Computers For Kids is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting children in obtaining low-cost tablets and computers. It is intended to supply this equipment to kids who are currently enrolled in school and to schools and non-profit organizations directly. Unlike some other organizations mentioned in this article, Computers for Kids does not have a financial condition for participation in their program, ensuring no child is left behind in the digital age. The program also provides a grant toward the already low cost of equipment for low-income candidates.

Additionally, it supports the people of Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Utah. Since 2002, they have provided over 50,000 PCs as an authorized Microsoft refurbisher. It works because people give outdated tablets and PCs, which are then refurbished and made available at a low cost by this group. As a result, even if you or your children receive reconditioned equipment, you can rest assured that it will perform as well as new equipment, thus providing a stable internet connection to needy individuals.


InterConnection was created to serve the Seattle area, but you don't have to live in Seattle to take advantage of the services on this site. They are also a non-profit that collects donations of used electronics, refurbishes them, and sells them at low costs, a boon for low-income households struggling with financial assistance.

You can use the site to look for specific tablets and computers and browse what's available in the standard online store and, a low-cost online store. Both stores have fantastic bargains, and much of the equipment sold comes with a one-year warranty, giving a chance for many to own a tablet from government initiatives and generous donations.

Keep in mind that stock levels frequently fluctuate, so even if you don't see any free tablets you like right away, bookmark this page and check back frequently, ensuring eligible families can find something that suits their needs in due time.


Once you've applied for a free tablet from the government or a non-profit organization, all you have to do now is wait for their review process to be completed. In general, these organizations assist all eligible applicants offering a brighter future through digital inclusion.

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Discover more ways to make a difference. Visit our latest blog post to learn about . Together, we can bridge the digital divide. charities dedicated to assisting low-income families, ensuring affordable internet services reach every nook and corner of the society, nurturing a future with equal opportunities for all.

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Jody Adams
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