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How To Get Free Christmas Toys

Written by: Jody Adams
Last updated: January 31, 2024

When we think of the holidays, we automatically think of gifts. Many of us, unfortunately, are unable to buy them. Even though Christmas is about giving and spending time with loved ones, everyone deserves at least one gift to open over the holidays. If you have financial difficulties and need money for Christmas, several groups provide free toys for boys and gifts to low-income families.

To buy Christmas presents for their children, many parents must begin saving as early as a year in advance. Parents struggling with medical bills, credit card debt, or unexpected job loss are compelled to think of new ways to enjoy the holidays. Fortunately, several methods exist to receive free toys for boys throughout the Christmas season, whether you have a financial need or want to save money.

Patience is essential when looking for free toys. With numerous resources churches giving away free toys Christmas, selecting an age-appropriate toy that is a good match for your child's interests will take some time. Furthermore, several of these choices require you to demonstrate a genuine financial necessity to receive free toys, such as unemployment or medical concerns.

Where Can You Get Free Toys?

Do you find yourself in this situation? Fortunately, there are free toys for boys available for Christmas, so with a little forethought, you may surprise your children during the most delightful time of the year. Here are several places where you can get free Christmas gifts:

Salvation Army Angel Tree Program 

The Salvation Army is a charity that helps families dealing with addiction, poverty, and other financial difficulties. They provide a variety of services, many of which are free. The Salvation Army Angel Tree Program is one such program.

This organization provides free toys for boys and clothing to children who might otherwise go without. Parents typically contribute the gifts, but big-box shops may also help by donating to the cause or soliciting donations from their consumers.

For additional information about receiving toys and clothing for your children, contact your local Salvation Army.

Toys for Tots 

The United States Marine Corps runs the Toys for Tots program. They collect new, unwrapped presents and distribute them to underprivileged youngsters. The charity collects 18 million toys annually and distributes them to 7 million children. Toys for Tots is a non-profit organization that works on a local level. You can make a toy request on their website.

United Way

Although the United Way does not provide free Christmas toys, they can connect you with philanthropic programs and organizations in your region. They may assist anyone in the United States and even other parts of the world. Medical care, financial assistance, veteran programs, project funding, and other services are available through United Way.

USPS Operation Santa

Does your youngster write Santa letters? Don't worry, these letters will not be discarded by the USPS. They put them towards their Santa's Workshop initiative. The letter is posted on the USPS website as part of this program. A kind individual might look for these letters, choose a letter writer, and purchase the goods on their wish list.

Simply write down what your child wants and send it to Santa Claus at the North Pole. With any luck, a kind person will volunteer to play Santa for your child.

Amanda Manigault Ministries

Amanda Manigault is a certified ordained preacher who wants to bring holiday pleasure to low-income families and make single parents' life easier. While officially a location-based organization (which we will discuss in the following section), they support low-income families in three cities: Columbia, South Carolina; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; and Atlanta, Georgia.

Every year in her hometown of Harrisburg, Manigault organizes an outdoor toy drive. Families can donate toys, and families in need can choose the free toys for boys. The toy drive gave away toys to 200 children from 58 homes for Christmas in 2020. 

Catholic Charities 

During the holidays, Catholic Charities provides aid to families in need, including churches giving away free toys Christmas. However, how they assist is determined by the requirements of the entire community.

Catholic Charities is active in nearly every state. You must first locate your local chapter to register. On their website, you can look for your local chapter.

Operation Homefront

If you or your spouse is a member of the military, Operation Homefront can help you and your family. Every year, Operation Homefront holds a Toy Drive.

Other sorts of assistance, including financial aid, are available through Operation Homefront, and they sponsor many events for military families. Holiday meals, back-to-school events, and other activities fall within this category. Check your dashboard and the Operation Homefront website for more events.

To join, you must first create an account on their website. The event will appear on your dashboard once you can register. 

Santa’s Little Helper 

Santa's Little Helper is an online community based on the Reddit discussion board. Redditors will shop for the gifts if parents create an Amazon wish list of the best Christmas toys. Keep in mind that the total cost of the items must be less than $100.

You must first have a Reddit account and complete an application to register. You can write a post on the topic with your wishlist and needs once you've been accepted. Redditors will see your comment and will do their best to assist you.

Make-A-Wish Foundation 

Is your child suffering from a life-threatening illness? Don't panic if you're drowning in medical costs (even if you have health insurance) and can't afford Christmas gifts. The Make-A-Wish Foundation grants wishes to children under 18 who are suffering from life-threatening illnesses.

How do you go about enrolling? You or your child can make an online referral. A referral can also be made in the name of a family member or even the child's doctor.

Free Toys by Location 

As you can see, even though they are nationwide programs, most of these organizations operate on a local level. On the other hand, certain programs are only available in specific states.

The Empty Stocking Fund (Georgia)

The Empty Stocking Fund buys gifts for kids of all ages and genders and accepts donations to help children in need. In addition to gifts, this group gathers school supplies and provides other requirements to improve a child's emotional, social, and even academic growth.

You must register on their website to receive freebies. Please keep in mind that submissions for Christmas 2022 are not yet open.

Gifts of Love Holiday Program (Arizona)

You can join the Gifts of Love Holiday Program if you live in Tucson, Arizona. Interfaith Community Services established Gifts of Love, a program that assists families during the holidays and the transition back to school.

Families are connected to organizations, charitable individuals, and faith partners that provide donations and support through the program. Their back-to-school program covers everything from school supplies to course costs to musical instrument rentals, Science Fair supplies, lab fees, and even technology.

While they don't currently have any Gifts of Love events listed, you can find them on their events website.

Seacoast Mission Christmas Program (Maine) 

Maine Seacoast Mission is a non-profit organization that assists the people of Maine. They have a Christmas program to deliver gifts to low-income Maine families. They provide gifts for all members of the family, including nursing home patients, in addition to youngsters.

Are you stumped as to what to get your child? People can also choose gifts for their children at the Maine Seacoast Mission's Elves Workshop. 

The Holiday Giving Program (Illinois) 

The Walter and Connie Payton Foundation is dedicated to assisting underprivileged Illinois families and providing beneficial possibilities. They have a Holiday Giving Program in which they give gifts to children and veterans all around Illinois. 

Crosslines Holiday Center (Missouri) 

Crosslines Holiday Center, situated in Missouri, hosts various events for low-income families. One of their programs, The Toystore, provides youngsters with brand new toys. They've given out 30,000 toys so far to children who may not have received anything for Christmas.

Crosslines Holiday Center also serves holiday meals, with over 26,000 meals served to date. Go to the Crosslines Holiday Center website and fill out an application to apply for assistance. 

Other Resources 

Besides the organizations mentioned above, there are other places where you can expect to find free toys.


Many folks can find free or inexpensive toys with local churches giving away free toys Christmas during the holidays. Many churchgoers may be willing to help if you're a member of one. Many local churches run "Adopt a Family" programs to donate food, gifts, and Christmas decorations to families in need during the holidays. They can also connect you with other groups in your town that provide Christmas assistance to low-income families over the holidays.

Local Charities 

You can also look for other local charities in your region, including those that aren't specifically focused on goods and presents. A food drive, for example, may host a holiday event where your children can receive free gifts.

Food Banks

Toys are distributed through a local food bank in some regions. You may find a food bank near you by going to Feeding America, looking up food banks in your zip code or state, and then calling to check whether they give free gifts.

Toy Swaps

Another option to receive free toys is to organize a toy swap with all the parents in your community. You can invite each parent to bring their child's no longer needed but in good condition toys over. You'll have enough toys for various age groups if you have enough people. A little cleaning, a fresh coat of paint, or a gorgeous ribbon bow might turn one of these items into the ideal gift for your son or daughter.

If you don't know any parents in your neighborhood, Toy-Cycle provides a comparable service online. After the free 30-day trial, you'll have to pay around $2 per month to keep using the service.

Reuse Websites

Even if you don't have a financial need but still want to save money this holiday season, you may frequently discover toys on websites that allow people to donate stuff they no longer need. These sites usually require you to meet with the giver in person to pick up the stuff.


This website is a non-profit network comprised of individuals from all over the world dedicated to minimizing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Members upload stuff to give away with no strings attached on the website, divided into geographical groups. Swing sets, bicycles, and play kitchens have all been listed on Freecycle in the past.


Although this website is best known for its online classifieds area, which allows users to sell stuff, locate employment, and find housing, it also offers a section where users may give away free items, such as toys. Go to the Craigslist page for your city and click on the "Free" option under the "For Sale" section to see what's available.

We hope this article helped you discover the sources from where you can get free toys for your children this holiday season. If you have any other places in mind, share them with our readers in the comments section. 

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