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How To Get Free Washer And Dryer For Low-Income Families In California

Written by: Jody Adams
Last updated: January 31, 2024

If you're unemployed or from a low-income family, you already know how difficult it is to fix or replace a malfunctioning appliance. When appliances like washers and dryers break down, it can be costly to have them repaired.

Fortunately, there are resources offering a free washer and dryer for low-income families in California.

Programs Offering Free Washer And Dryer Near Me

Many charities and organizations assist low-income families in obtaining free appliances. Here are a few resources to get you started on your search.

Furniture Banks

There are 80 non-profit furniture banks in the US that collect and redistribute new and gently used items in many communities. In addition to furniture, they also offer appliances. 

You have to meet specific criteria to receive free items. Contact the furniture bank first to ensure you qualify and they have what you need before traveling a long distance.

Churches Providing Free Appliances For Low Income Families

You can reach out to local churches on social media, websites, or through neighborhood groups. Aside from collecting used goods and appliances, they also ask their members to donate unused items.

Many churches conduct low-priced rummage sales throughout the year, and the proceeds usually go to charity.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is one of the largest charities in the United States. They operate many programs on a national scale. Some areas include resale shops or thrift shops that sell appliances. You can find one in your area by searching for "St. Vincent de Paul shop near me" on Google.

Salvation Army Free Appliances Program

As a non-profit organization, Salvation Army aims to reduce utility bills and provide appliances to low-income families. The organization supports families by supplying free refrigerators, washers, and dryers.

Contact them to request a free appliance voucher. Be prepared to submit documents to provide proof of eligibility. Upon approval, you will receive store vouchers.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is another non-profit organization that provides financial assistance. With the help of volunteers, they offer assistance with home repairs. Services include minor repairs, painting, and weatherization to increase energy efficiency and maintain comfort. 

The organication also operates donation centers and home improvement centers that receive merchandise from individuals, churches, and government agencies. Donated items in good quality are sold for a cheaper price, and profits fund their free services and repairs.

For free washers, dryers, and refrigerators, you can contact Habitat for Humanity in person or online.

Online Resources For Free Washing Machine And Dryer

Thanks to modern technology, you can now find sites and apps on the internet to help get what you need — whether they are free, secondhand, or cheap appliances. Below are the following places to get you started.

Facebook Marketplace

If you have access to Facebook, the Marketplace is a great place to start. Residents list items they want to sell or give away for free that can be near your area. You can also sell your old appliance and use the money to look for a new one.


OfferUp allows you to view and post items for sale within your area. Using this app, you can communicate with the seller to make an offer based on the listed price. By doing so, you can get exactly what you want within your budget.

Net Wish

Net Wish is different from most charities and non-profit organizations. They want to cut out the red tape and provide direct and immediate assistance to families in need. Check out their website to make a request and explain how you will use their financial assistance.

Find Free Washers and Dryers on Craigslist

Craigslist is a site where individuals can list items for sale within a specified location. You can provide information including your location, desired appliance, and budget. The prices of washers, dryers, and refrigerators are often very low or free. Always review the product details carefully to ensure you get a working product.

The Freecycle Network (TFN)

The Freecycle Network (TFN) connects sellers and buyers. It coordinates "gifting" groups worldwide to divert reusable items from landfills. There may be free washers and dryers available in your area. To avoid scam, be cautious and safeguard your information.


One of the most familiar online shopping sites is eBay, where sellers auction off items. In the "Major Appliances" section under the "Home & Garden" category, you can view listed appliances from different locations.

You can usually get what you want at a lower price during bidding. Alternatively, you may locate an item within your price range and click "Buy It Now." Before purchasing, read the description and contact the seller if you have more questions.


VarageSale is a virtual garage sale app that allows you to buy and sell items in your local community. Instead of going to a flea market, you can check out this app to see listed items within your location. 

Make sure to connect only with a verified seller. You can verify your identity through Facebook. Before purchasing, check their ratings and response time.


Letgo is another mobile app that allows you to search for secondhand refrigerators, washers, and dryers. You can find local sellers on the site, with over 200 million listings. You can type "free" in the search bar to see only free appliances. Additionally, these sellers have posted ratings and reviews to assist you with your decision.

Determining Eligibility and Required Documentation for Free Washer and Dryer Programs

Eligibility criteria for free washer and dryer programs offered by non-profit organizations and government agencies often focus on factors such as income, family size, and financial need. To qualify, applicants generally need to demonstrate that their household income falls below a certain threshold, often based on a percentage of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. In some cases, eligibility may also be extended to those experiencing a temporary hardship, such as a natural disaster or a personal crisis.

To verify eligibility, applicants may be required to provide documentation that demonstrates their financial situation and need. This can include proof of income (such as pay stubs, tax returns, or Social Security benefits statements), proof of residency, and documentation of any government assistance programs they are enrolled in (e.g., SNAP, TANF, or Medicaid). Additionally, some programs may request a utility bill or a lease agreement as evidence of the applicant's current living situation. By reviewing these documents, non-profit organizations and government agencies can ensure that assistance is being directed to those who truly need it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there programs that provide free washers and dryers for low-income families?

While not common, some non-profit organizations, charities, or local government programs may offer free or low-cost washers and dryers to low-income families in need of assistance.

How can I find a program that offers free washers and dryers in my area?

Contact local non-profit organizations, charities, or social services agencies to inquire about any available programs or resources for obtaining a free or low-cost washer and dryer.

Are there any national organizations that provide free washers and dryers to low-income families?

National organizations like Habitat for Humanity and The Salvation Army may occasionally have programs that provide appliances, including washers and dryers, to low-income families. 

Can I find low-cost washers and dryers through other sources?

Yes, consider searching for low-cost or used washers and dryers at thrift stores, online marketplaces, or through local buy/sell groups. Additionally, some appliance stores may offer discounts on scratch-and-dent or refurbished models.

Are there any assistance programs to help low-income families with laundry costs?

Some local non-profit organizations or charities may offer free laundry days or laundry vouchers to help low-income families cover the cost of using laundromats. Availability varies by location.


For low-income households, free washers and dryers are a blessing. As a result, they save a significant portion of their wages that would typically have been used to purchase or repair their appliances. Many local community organizations have partnered with government initiatives to offer free furniture programs, ensuring that individuals and families in need have access to essential household items.

Many charities and organizations assist low-income families in obtaining free appliances. Luckily, a free washer and dryer for low-income families in California are available with the help of the resources and alternatives mentioned above. They also offer other free refrigerators and free furniture for low income families.

Are you interested in learning more about various organizations and charities that can help you with your day-to-day needs? Check out the rest of Gov Relations' resources today!

Jody Adams
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