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Internet Providers in Dallas, Texas: Exploring the Top Choices and Their Offers

Written by: Dane Groves
Last updated: November 2, 2023

Dallas, Texas, a sprawling metropolis known for its rich history and vibrant cultural scene, is also a hub for technological advancements. As the city thrives, the demand for reliable and fast internet connections has never been higher. Whether you're a local resident, a budding entrepreneur, or a large business entity, finding the right internet provider is crucial.

In this guide, we'll delve into the top internet providers in Dallas, Texas, examining their offers and helping you make an informed decision for your low-cost connectivity needs. Let's navigate the digital landscape of the Big D together!

Overview of Top Internet Providers in Dallas, Texas

As the city continues to grow and evolve, its internet landscape promises to adapt and flourish alongside it. Each internet service provider (ISP) has its own strengths, service offerings, and coverage areas, ensuring that Dallas residents can find a plan tailored to their specific needs. 

Here’s an overview of the top-rated ISPs in Dallas, Texas:

  • AT&T

  • Frontier

  • T-Mobile

  • Optimum

  • Spectrum

  • Rise Broadband

  • Verizon 5G Home Internet

  • Satellite Internet

  • Astound Broadband

  • Sparklight

However, with great choices comes the responsibility of informed decision-making. It's vital for potential customers to dive deep into the nuances of each plan, considering factors like speed, pricing, contract commitments, and additional fees. 

1. AT&T

AT&T boasts a prominent presence in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, extending its internet services across the city's vast landscape. A highlight for Dallas residents is its inclusion in the 100 cities where AT&T offers its high-speed multi-gig plans. However, a significant portion of the metro region only has access to AT&T's DSL service, given the limited fiber reach in certain neighborhoods.


Depending on where you reside in Dallas, AT&T Fiber coverage fluctuates. For instance, in Cockrell Hill, roughly 75% of households can avail of AT&T's premium plans. Yet, as you venture closer to Mesquite, near the eastern edges of the city, the coverage narrows to less than 29%.

Plan Options & Costs

AT&T offers a variety of speed tiers - 300Mbps, 500Mbps, 1,000Mbps, 2,000Mbps, and a whopping 5,000Mbps. All plans offer equal download and upload speeds. Monthly costs start at $55 for the 300Mbps package and ascend to $180 for the ultra-fast 5-gigabit option.

Terms & Extra Perks

Customers can enjoy boundless data without the constraints of yearly contracts or hidden equipment charges. Plus, newcomers to AT&T services can pocket an AT&T Visa Reward Card, valued at $100 for the base plans and $150 for those opting for 1 gigabit or higher. Through the AT&T Lifeline program, eligible households in Dallas can take advantage of discounted internet plans.

2. T-Mobile's Home Internet

T-Mobile is forging ahead with its 5G home internet service, launching a 'Home Internet Lite' variant to cater to an even wider demographic. Data from the Federal Communications Commission's National Broadband Map reveals its reach covers an impressive 95% of the area, making it one of the top internet providers in Dallas, Texas.


While T-Mobile’s extensive coverage spans across the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan region, it's essential to verify availability at your specific address. To confirm, visit the T-Mobile Home Internet website and input your address. If you're an existing T-Mobile subscriber, you can also input your mobile number.

Plan Options & Costs

Streamlining their offering, T-Mobile presents a single plan priced at $50 monthly. Depending on your vicinity to a cell tower and the subscriber density, this plan provides download speeds ranging between 72 and 245Mbps.

Terms & Extra Perks

T-Mobile's Home Internet package stands out by offering unlimited data without binding customers into long-term contracts. This feature makes it an attractive alternative for those whose only prior options were satellite or DSL. Challenging conventional ISP services, T-Mobile also extends a 15-day free trial, allowing prospective users to test the waters without reneging on their existing contracts.

3. Spectrum

Charter's Spectrum stands out in the DFW area, offering a consistent and widespread broadband service. A standout feature for customers is the absence of the fiber or DSL dilemma: Spectrum ensures every home under its coverage enjoys stable cable internet connectivity through the Spectrum free internet program.


In the face-off between AT&T's combined DSL and fiber services reaching about 69% of Dallas homes, Spectrum confidently strides ahead, boasting cable internet accessibility for an impressive 86% of DFW inhabitants.

Plan Options & Costs

Spectrum's strategy is centered around simplicity for its customers. It offers a trio of plan choices, categorized by download speeds of 300, 500, or 940Mbps. Prices for these plans oscillate between a range of $50 to $90 per month.

Terms & Extra Perks

Your Spectrum Internet subscription comes bundled with a modem rental and the perk of unlimited data usage. However, if you require a Wi-Fi router, that's an additional $5 monthly (though you can sidestep this fee if you possess a personal router). Be prepared for a $25 increment in your monthly charges after the completion of the initial year.

4. Verizon 5G Home Internet

Verizon, with its 5G home internet, exhibits an ambition on par with T-Mobile, although its outreach towards rural communities may not be as assertive. Consequently, while it may not cater as comprehensively to certain fringes of the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington region as T-Mobile does, it’s one of the biggest internet providers in Dallas, Texas.


Verizon's primary focus appears to be on urban and suburban areas. This might mean that while central parts of Dallas and neighboring locations benefit from the service, peripheral communities could feel a tad underserved.

Plan Options & Pricing

If Verizon's 5G Home Internet is within your grasp, prepare to be wowed by speed. Boasting average speeds surpassing its rivals (around 300Mbps compared to T-Mobile's 72-245Mbps range), Verizon maintains simplicity. They offer this robust service at a transparent rate of $50 per month.

Terms & Extra Perks

The appeal of Verizon lies not just in speed but also in its generous policies. Customers are treated to unlimited data, free from the constraints of long-term contracts, and relieved from any additional equipment expenses. And there's icing on the cake: if you're eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program, you can cut your monthly bill by applying for Verizon Forward.

5. Astound Broadband

Locally recognized as Grande Communications but currently operating under the umbrella of Astound Broadband, this cable internet provider presents some of the most competitive promotional rates in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


Astound Broadband, having solidified its presence in specific DFW neighborhoods, promises reliable connectivity. However, potential users might want to check precise availability based on their residential or business locations.

Plan Options & Pricing

Setting the stage with a noteworthy $25 monthly charge for a 300Mbps plan, Astound's cost-per-Mbps stands impressively at just 8 cents. To put this into perspective, Spectrum's similar 300Mbps package demands $50 monthly, while AT&T Fiber seeks $55 for the same speed. Further sweetening the deal, Astound offers its fastest package, a whopping 1,200Mbps, at a promotional rate of just $60 per month, translating to a value-driven 5 cents per Mbps.

Terms & Extra Perks

As attractive as Astound's initial offers might be, there's a caveat. The company is also known for its significant price surges post the promotional period. As per Astound/Grande's rate card, the $25 promotional rate for the 300Mbps plan could almost triple, skyrocketing to $84 monthly after the promotional timeframe. 

6. Frontier

Specializing in delivering internet services to some specific parts of the Dallas metro area, Frontier stands out, particularly in the northern territories.


While downtown Dallas might not experience the Frontier touch, residents and businesses in the northeast boundaries, including locations like Baytown, Beach City, Cove, and Crosby, can tap into Frontier's offerings. Moreover, its footprint extends to League City and Sante Fe, in the metro area's southern sector.

Plan Options & Pricing

The highlight of Frontier's service is undoubtedly its fiber-optic connectivity, labeled as Frontier Fiber. Those lucky enough to be in its coverage area can opt for symmetrical speeds that range from a swift 500Mbps to a blistering 5Gbps. The price range for these premium services is set between a reasonable $50 and a premium $155 monthly, depending on the speed tier chosen.

Terms & Extra Perks

However, there's a contrast in the Frontier narrative. While its Fiber option stands tall in terms of performance, its DSL counterpart might not be as impressive for potential users. If Frontier DSL emerges as the sole accessible option, customers may want to explore alternative providers to ensure the best value for their internet needs.

7. Optimum

The Dallas metropolitan area has seen a shift in its internet landscape with the familiar Suddenlink now rebranded as Optimum, under its parent company, Altice USA.


While the name might have changed, the quality and coverage remain as reliable as ever. Within Dallas city limits, pockets of areas such as the Arts District and University Park have Optimum's internet services running through their digital veins.

However, its more pronounced presence is evident towards the east of Dallas, covering regions like Balch Springs, Forney, Rockwall, and Terrell. Beyond the heart of Dallas, heading north of DFW, places like Cross Roads, Little Elm, McKinney, and Prosper also get to experience Optimum's broadband services.

Additional Features & Considerations

With its rebranding, Optimum continues to offer residents and businesses of Dallas a stable and consistent internet connection, ensuring that whether for work, study, or entertainment, users remain connected without a hitch. However, it's always wise to stay updated with the latest packages and offers, ensuring you're getting the best deal for your needs.

8. Rise Broadband

For residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, particularly in its suburban and rural vicinities, Rise Broadband stands out as a beacon of reliable connectivity.


Rise Broadband's strength lies in its extensive reach to regions that traditional wired internet might not service as extensively. While the bustling city centers of Dallas and Fort Worth have a plethora of high-speed options, Rise Broadband fills the connectivity gaps in many suburban and rural communities enveloping the DFW metroplex.

Plan Options & Pricing

Depending on the area, Rise Broadband offers two predominant fixed wireless plans: 25Mbps and 50Mbps. These plans are competitively priced between $25 to $35 monthly, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers seeking reliable internet.

But the offering doesn't stop there; for those in the southern suburb of Ferris, Rise Broadband showcases its versatility with fiber connection plans. Customers in this area can choose from a broad speed spectrum ranging from 100Mbps to a blistering 1,000Mbps, with pricing tiers set between $60 to $100 monthly.

Additional Features & Considerations

Rise Broadband is not just about offering internet solutions; it's about bridging the digital divide in less urbanized regions. If you find yourself in a locale where traditional broadband options are sparse, Rise Broadband might very well be your best bet to stay connected. Always ensure to check for the most recent packages and deals, and select the one that matches your needs and budget.

9. Satellite Internet

The core urban areas of DFW are saturated with a myriad of high-speed, wired internet options, making satellite services seem redundant. However, as we venture to the more rural outskirts, the picture changes. Here, traditional broadband solutions might be scarce, and satellite internet becomes a vital lifeline.

Two seasoned players in the satellite internet game are HughesNet and Viasat. Both have established themselves as reliable, albeit with some caveats. These providers come with two-year contract stipulations and also have data caps, which might deter some users. On the other hand, Starlink, the satellite internet venture by Elon Musk, has garnered significant attention.

10. Sparklight

In the vast broadband market of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Sparklight is gradually making its mark, especially in parts of Fort Worth and McKinney. While it might not have the widespread recognition of some other providers, its offerings bring a mix of competitive speeds and varied pricing.


Sparklight's influence is more concentrated in select parts of the metroplex, particularly in Fort Worth and McKinney. Their footprint, while not as expansive as some major providers, still offers a viable choice for residents in these zones.

Plan Options & Pricing

The service range that Sparklight offers is quite varied, with speeds spanning from a decent 200Mbps to a blazing 940Mbps. In terms of pricing, plans are available from a budget-friendly $45 to a premium rate of $110 per month. However, it's worth noting that when juxtaposed against competitors in the DFW region like Astound, Optimum, and Spectrum, Sparklight's value proposition might seem less appealing.

Additional Features & Considerations

One significant advantage Sparklight offers is the absence of long-term contract commitments, providing flexibility for its users. On the downside, a looming concern for potential and existing customers is the data cap, a feature that many contemporary broadband users might find restrictive. 

Navigating the Broadband Landscape of Dallas

Dallas, as one of the major metropolitan hubs in the United States, is privileged with a variety of internet service providers catering to diverse needs, locations, and budgets. From behemoths like AT&T and Spectrum, who've etched their names into the fabric of the city, to emerging players like Sparklight, the options are plentiful.

Ready to break free? Discover how to get WiFi with no internet provider. Dive in now and stay connected no matter where you roam!

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