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Veteran Dental Insurance: Eligibility Requirements And How To Apply

Written by: Jody Adams
Last updated: January 31, 2024

Finding the right dental plan or program might be difficult with a limited budget. Recent survey results indicate that most Americans lack access to affordable dental coverage. A staggering 62% of older adults do not have dental insurance and cannot afford to pay out of pocket for dental care.

Nevertheless, there are dental plans based on income. Getting dental insurance can be tricky, but there are several options. This blog examines the veteran dental insurance eligibility criteria and how one can apply for these programs.

Dental Insurance For Veterans

It is important to maintain good dental health for your overall well-being. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is easier with a dental plan since unexpected expenses are minimized.

VA Dental Insurance Program (VADIP)

CHAMPVA and VA healthcare beneficiaries can purchase dental insurance at a reduced cost through VA's comprehensive program — VADIP.

Only CHAMPVA beneficiaries and veterans can take advantage of this discount. Basic and common dental procedures are covered by VADIP plans.

Eligibility Requirements

The VA health care benefits are available only to veterans who have served 24 consecutive months or the entire time they have been called to active duty. Applicants must be registered with VA health care or have a spouse, widow, or child enrolled in CHAMPVA.

How To Apply 

To enroll in VA health care or for VADIP eligibility questions, visit the Veterans Affairs website or call 877-222-VETS (8387).  

Delta Dental Veterans Affairs Dental Insurance Program

Three great VA plans are available for VA enrollees to choose from. Note also that visiting an in-network dentist offers VA enrollees the lowest out-of-pocket costs for quality dental care. Choose from one of three plans with varying coverage levels. All cover preventive care at 100% if you use a network doctor. But some don't cover things like crowns or dentures.

Eligibility Requirements

It is open to all veterans enrolled in VA healthcare and CHAMPVA.

MetLife Veterans Affairs Dental Insurance Program

MetLife is the country's largest commercial dental carrier. Plan coverage will vary depending on your choice. Major procedures do not require a waiting period. As one of the largest dental provider networks in the country, they have over 500,000 dentist locations in their network. As a result, you have more options when it comes to dentists.

Dental insurance is available as part of MetLife's insurance products for veterans. There are two types of plans to choose from. Orthodontia isn't covered by one; the other covers half the cost. Both plans fully cover preventive care. 

Eligibility Requirements

Active duty military members, veterans, and their eligible family members are generally eligible for MetLife's dental insurance for veterans. Depending on the type of dental insurance plan you choose, the eligibility requirements and application process will differ. 

Applicants should also be eligible for VA benefits.

How to Apply

Visit MetLife’s website or call 1-888-310-1681 to apply for the program.

Cigna Dental

Cigna Dental works with USAA to create a plan exclusively for veterans. Its network of providers allows you to use your benefits immediately. Additionally, Cigna provides dental insurance coverage to veterans as part of its global health services. 

Offering basic, major, and orthodontic coverage options, it offers plans that fit any budget. Their plans vary in price, but they offer different types of coverage. Ensure that your income meets their requirements before applying. Cigna saves money because the rates are pre-negotiated. You'll likely pay more if you visit an out-of-network provider.

Eligibility Requirements

To enroll in this program, you must be a USAA member.

How To Apply

  1. As a Cigna member who has registered for myCigna®, you can find providers and facilities that accept your insurance.
  2. If you are not a Cigna customer, search their public directory.


Private insurance company Aetna offers dental coverage for veterans. Different levels of coverage are available for individual and family plans. Aetna Dental Direct covers 100% of preventative care with no out-of-pocket costs. This policy can be purchased without having Aetna medical coverage. 

Depending on the plan and state, advantages may differ. Dental coverage is offered worldwide, and there is no deductible. Regardless of whether a dentist is a part of or outside the network, you can choose any licensed dentist in the world. The plan also covers orthodontics for all ages.

Eligibility Requirements

  • You have served the nation
  • You’re a family of retired uniformed service members

Learn more about FEDVIP eligibility at

How To Apply

The company’s online application system makes it easy for you to apply. You can apply to join the Aetna Dental Network.

Apply For Veteran Dental Insurance Today!

Grants and programs for dental care are critical for veterans because of the high rate of unmet oral health care needs caused by periodontitis.

As you navigate the ins and outs of veteran dental insurance, don't overlook the specialized benefits for families of disabled veterans. Dive into our latest blog post to learn about disabled veteran dental benefits for family and maximize care for your loved ones.

Finding low-cost dental care or veteran dental insurance may not be as difficult as you think. Veteran assistance is now available in a variety of forms. You can learn how to find free dental care for veterans near you in this Gov-Relations resource.

Jody Adams
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