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Our team at Gov-Relations wants to give you the best information possible to help you make the hardest decisions. Whether it's as an entrepreneur or a consumer, we're always looking for ways in which people can expand their knowledge by learning from other perspectives on grants.  At Gov Relations we look for writers who are willing to get vocal about their thoughts so others know how best to go forward. If writing seems like something right up your alley then come join our team. 

How to Pitch Your Content?

Please email us with the following information:

- Article headline (around 50-60 characters)  - Content between 1000 and 1500 words, including media optimized images/videos. We also require a brief bio that includes your profile picture as well! The links you are planning for this article should be listed in an attached file alongside any other questions or concerns regarding this piece of content.

Our Publishing Process

We are committed to the publication of high-quality content, but we also know it's not just about words and letters. The tone an article takes will depend on its audience: should they be drawn in by what you're saying or kept at arm’s length? That is why all articles submitted here undergo rigorous screening before being considered for publishing with us - if our editorial team finds it relevant enough then those changes can happen sooner than later.

Benefits of Writing For Us

As a writer at Write For Us, you will be able to attract a significant readership. We are confident in your ability as an experienced author and provide quality articles with credit for bio's at the end of each post so that we may publish yours too! Take some time looking over our website if this interests or worries you; there is information about how it works readily available on every page which should answer all questions before going forward into what could potentially turn out like another full-time job (unless writing becomes something one does just because they love doing). 

We're dedicated not only to publishing high-quality content but also to variety.

We require writers who want their voice heard; if this sounds like you then apply today by filling out an application below. Join our team and make sure people know about your thoughts with every article you submit!

Send your article to [email protected].


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